The TFT Dash Project

Give your motorcycle a modern touch with a simple plug and play replacement TFT Dashboard.

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Plug and Play

Just unplug your old clocks and plug in the TFT

Clear Speed & RPM

Stylish speed and tachometer layout.


Use your smartphone to send navigation steps to the TFT Dash

Tyre Pressures

Plug in a compatible TPMS kit and Tyre Pressures will be displayed

Gear Indicator

Displays your current gear based on your Speed & RPM

Speedo Healer

Easy calibration of speed for different sprocket setups

Engine Coolant Display

An accurate display of your engine coolant temperature

MPG & Range Display

MPG and Range is calculated based on fuel consumption and distance travelled

Simple 2 Button Control

Large waterproof buttons for ease of use with gloves

Multiple Display Themes

Customise your display with multiple colour themes.