Installation & Features

Installation of the TFT Dash couldn't be simpler. Take a note of your Odometer reading on your old clocks then unbolt and unplug your old clocks from your bike. Simply then bolt in the TFT Dash and plug in. There are 2 components to install which are the control buttons & ambient temperature sensor. It's recommended you mount the control buttons on the clutch side. Just underneath the switch gear is a great place. The ambient temperature sensor can be mounted just behind the front fairing - just as long as it's not getting any direct wind blast and is not too close to the engine. When it's mounted in a suitable place you'll get a nice accurate reading of ambient temperature.

2 Button Control

Interacting with the TFT Dash is done using a simple 2 button interface. The left button is the Option button. Pressing this will cycle through all the different options you can select. If you press the option button from the main screen you will cycle through all the different options on the main menu. Once you've cycled through all the options you will be returned to the main display.

The second button is the Select button. This selects your chosen option. For example if you want to reset Trip 2, simply press the Option button until Reset Trip 2 is highlighted. Then press the select button to Reset Trip 2.
The TFT Dash inteface has been designed to be operated using this 2 button Option and Select method.

Speed & RPM

The TFT Dash reads the pulses coming from your speed sensor and determines your current speed. The Tachometer pulse coming from ECU is also read and displayed. The TFT Dash can display your engine RPM in 2 ways. The first is a graphical arc that is present on the main screen. The second is an exact display of RPM on the diagnostic panel.

Tyre Pressure Compatible

With a widely available TPMS kit, the TFT Dash can communicate with the TPMS module in this kit and display your Front and Rear tyre pressures and temperatures. The TPMS kit can be purchased from Amazon here. Mount the LR and LF sensors on your wheels, and you'll be good to go.

Engine Coolant Temperature & Control

Your Engine coolant temperature is displayed on the main screen. The Fazers original clocks simply have a red warning light to indicate that the Engine may be overheating, yet the sensor itself provides an accurate reading of temperature. The TFT Dash makes use of this reading and uses this to determine when to turn on the Engine FAN. Better yet, you have the option of deciding the exact temperature the engine FAN will turn on. Perhaps you do lots of town riding? Set the FAN to come on at a lower temperature to ensure your engine doesn't get too hot.

Gear Indicator

Once you put your bike in gear, the Neutral light will turn into a gear indicator. The gear indicator is calculated based on your Speed & RPM. Due to the mathematical nature of how the gear indicator works, the TFT Dash needs to know your sprocket setup if you've moved away from the stock setup. This is easily set in the Sprocket Setup menu & all you have to do is specify your Front & Rear sprocket sizes, e.g. 16T Front, 44T Rear.

Speedo Healer

If you've moved away from the stock sprocket setup on your bike, naturally this will throw off the speedometer reading. The TFT Dash has a built in Speedo healer and from the main menu you can set a custom percentage of correction which will be applied to your speedometer reading. These settings are also saved in the TFT Dash memory.

MPG & Range Display

The TFT Dash will calculate your MPG and Range. To do this it monitors your fuel consumption and distance travelled. How this works is that when you fill up your tank the TFT Dash will record the number of litres in your tank after you've filled up, it will also record your odometer when you fill up. As you start riding it will then calculate the number of litres consumed and the distance travelled since you last filled up. With these 2 values it will calculate MPG and Range. Due to the way this is calculated the MPG and Range displays will be most accurate after you've consumed about a third of a tank from filling up to full. As you continue to ride the MPG and Range continues to display a more accurate reading.

Multiple Display Themes

Various colour themes are built in to the TFT Dash allowing you to choose the theme that best suits you. Your chosen colour theme is saved when selected. It is also possible customise the startup image when your first switch on your ignition. To change the startup image please see the Support section.

Water Resistant

The enclosure has been designed to completely protect the electronics from the elements. So if you happen to be riding in heavy rain - the TFT Dash will continue to operate normally. The internal electronics have also been coated with a weather resistant coating as a backup against bad weather.

Warning Badges

If the TFT Dash needs to communicate something critical such as Low Fuel, Low Oil, or an Engine Overheat condition you'll be presented with large clear easy to read warning badges which will alert you if something is wrong.

Additional Features

Additional features include Ambient Temperature Display, Time Display, Battery Voltage Display, Fuel Gauge & Litres Remaining, Exact RPM Reading, Miles / KM Toggle, Day / Night mode which uses the built in light sensor to automatically switch between night and day themes when the light level drops to a preset amount.

Included is a USB Update mechanism should any new features get introduced, check back on this website for any updates to the TFT Dash which you'll easily be able to update via a USB Flash drive.