How to update your TFT Dash

A YouTube video is available which demonstrates the update process:
Updating TFT Dash Software (video)

Occasionally it will be required to obtain the latest version of the software & firmware that's running on your TFT Dash which will fix issues that may have been found or to introduce new features.

Updating the TFT Dash could not be easier. You will need a USB Flash Drive, it can be of any capacity as they update files are very small.

Step 1 - Download the Update onto the USB Flash Drive

You can download the latest update from the support page here. The update file will be named

Copy this file onto your USB Flash Drive. Ensure that the file is not in any sub-folder / sub-directory on your USB Flash Drive.

Once you've copied the file over to your Flash Drive, Eject your Flash Drive from your Computer.

Step 2 - Plug USB Flash Drive into TFT Dash

At the back of your TFT Dash there is a short USB connector. This is provided so that the TFT Dash can receive software updates.
Ensure your ignition is switched off before you do this. Plug your USB Flash Drive into this connector, and then afterwards switch on your ignition.

Step 3 - Sit back and relax

Once you've switched on your ignition your TFT Dash will boot up as normal. It takes about 30 seconds for the USB Flash Drive to be recognised. Once the USB Update has been found you will see the TFT Dash display software exit and switch to update mode, at which point the software update will be applied.

This process takes around 3 minutes. Once the update has completed you will see a message on the screen saying the Update has been completed and you can remove your Flash Drive and switch off your Ignition.

NOTE: It's extremely important you DO NOT switch off your ignition during the update process as this could render your TFT Dash inoperable.

Step 4 - You're done

Once the update has been applied and you see the 'Update Complete' message you can remove your USB Flash Drive, and switch off your ignition.

When you turn on your ignition afterwards your TFT Dash will boot up as normal and you will have the latest update applied. On the support page a list of fixes will be listed which describe exactly what updates have been applied in the software update.

If you have any queries, please email